The Best Bedroom Toys for Him


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage with girl sucking

Are you sometimes stuck on finding a gift for your guy? A man only needs so many watches, ties, xboxes, and shot glasses.

What about sex toys? What if I told you that your man would be absolutely thrilled to get a box with a couple of male sex toys in it as a gift?

Now, what if I said that these would be interactive toys for you to play with him and you would actually enjoy!?

And… no butt stuff!

(That’s awesome if he’s into prostate play but many guys aren’t into it and maybe wouldn’t be thrilled to get a bum vibrator as a gift)

Yeah, you’re going to need to buy your man a Fleshlight. Not just any Fleshlight though. Come with me and learn about what’s going to be your hottest new bedroom toy.

You’ll love it, I promise.

Well, I’m fairly certain you’ll love it.

Hmm. You’ll probably really enjoy it.


Fuck, I don’t know you and I don’t know what you like. LOTS of women like this sex toy… okay?

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – One of the Most Amazing Sex Toys for Couples

I like to talk about the Fleshlight Quickshot a lot. It’s probably one of the most versatile sex toys out there when it comes to male sex toys, specifically male masturbators.

Here’s the deal. 

The Quickshot Vantage is a clear Fleshlight that is open at both ends. It’s a masturbation stroker that is made from a soft, skin like material. It’s sort of malleable and stretchy I guess.

The point is that it feels pretty fucking good when stroking on your guy’s penis. Not quite as good a a vagina, but pretty darn good, nonetheless.

I guarantee that every male in the civilized world knows what a Fleshlight is and secretly, at some point in his life, has wanted to try one.

Now is your chance to wow him.

How the Quickshot Works

The Quickshot is meant to be sort of an extension of your hand or your mouth.

fleshlight quickshot boost on vibrator
The Quickshot Boost (black option)

You see, it’s so very little. Only 3.5 inches long. The head of his penis is meant to poke out of the other side to say hello. Again and again and again.

Did I mention it is clear and you’ll get to see everything as it’s happening? You’ll get to see him sliding in and out of the toy and see the texture ripple across his penis. It’s so very erotic (or so my lady friends have told me).

So you have this little masturbation sleeve with a short hard case that you can use to stroke his penis.

Helping Hands 

If you’re like any of the women I know, I’m sorry, but your hand jobs aren’t that good. Hands don’t feel anything like vaginas so it takes a practiced… er… hand to get it exactly right.

With the Quickshot Vantage, hand jobs become fun again for both partners. You can be certain that your hands moving the toy are making him feel fucking fantastic and he’s getting a handy with an amazing sex toy!

Now blow jobs. This is a whole ‘nother beast.

Some people like giving oral sex and some don’t. There are a million reasons why someone wouldn’t want to suck on a man’s penis until he forcefully ejaculates down their throat.

I mean, I don’t want to do that, and I can understand why a woman sometimes wouldn’t want to do that.

But somehow, some way, blow jobs actually become more fun for the blow-er with the Quickshot.

The Quickshot makes blowjobs easier. We’re talking no cramping mouth and no gagging on cocks. It’s just like licking and sucking on the end of a popcicle. Either partner can work the Quickshot on the shaft and it’ll be very comfortable for you to just polish the knob.

Some online reviewers shared their opinions:

My wife finally gave me the sloppy one I’ve been waiting for… Thank you quickshot… amazing feeling

I got this for my boyfriend and couldn’t even wait that long to give it to him so he got it early and we both love it. It’s our favorite couples toy in our collection!

Because it isn’t shaped like a vagina and it isn’t modeled after a  porn star, I am more likely to join in with it. Maybe I am the overly jealous type, but it makes me happy to think that he isn’t imagining the woman on the cover. Since there is no woman on a cover. There’s just him, me, some lube, and the velvety inside of the quickshot.


The Quickshot is a different type of bedroom toy that is meant to please the man while making it easier for the woman to do so. I don’t think that there are enough sex toys on the market that are designed for couples to use on him so this is great!

It makes handjobs easier and feel better, it makes blowjobs more fun and interesting, or it can be used alone for just a solo penis hugging session.

If you haven’t tried one yet, be sure to visit and pick a Quickshot up. They’re not expensive and your guy will be eternally grateful!

So why hasn’t he gotten one for himself already if this is a burning desire that all men share?

Well, it’s not a burning desire per se. It’s more of a horny curiosity that pops into his head as he’s furiously jacking off and his arm is getting a little tired and the boring porn just isn’t doing it for him at the moment.

“Why don’t I get a fucking Fleshlight?”

Why not? Well because I don’t NEED one.

I’m not that desperate to get laid.

I’m not some loser that can’t get a chick.

Back when Fleshlights first came out, I remember that was the running joke; only desperate guys would have sex with a pocket pussy. 

Blah blah blah. 

Fuck those ridiculous stigmas and fuck whoever propagates them. 

Women have been impaling themselves on dick-shaped objects for probably thousands of years and nobody blinks an eye. Do you see movies of women with vibrators and instantly think of how sad and pathetic she is? Nope, she’s sexually adventurous. 

Fuck that.