Fleshlight Quickshot Review

  • Do you already have a Fleshlight but just hate the cleanup?
  • Do you like to use your Fleshlight as a foreplay tool with your partner?
  • Do you get a sensitive head while masturbating?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I think you should really consider the Fleshlight Quickshot as your next sex toy purchase.

For me, I was looking around for some good information on getting my first Fleshlight, when I came across information on the Quickshot. I was kind of blown away that some of the problems that the other Fleshlights have.


The Quickshot Fleshlight is Different

The Quickshot is Fleshlight’s compact version. You thought the Fleshlight GO was small?  Well, this is a tinier one.

No, it’s not for micropenises, it’s meant to be small.

You see, it’s open on both ends. It’s got 3.5″ of insertable material and then your penis pokes out the other end.

Why is this great?

  1. Less cleanup
  2. Great with partners
  3. Doesn’t overstimulate
  4. Can be tagged in when using regular Fleshlights

Less Cleanup

While there is always going to be cleanup with sex toys, there’s no real cum washing out of the Fleshlight. There’s no trying to coax your swimmers out of a hollow tube and you’re always certain that it’s actually clean when you’re done. There’s always that little fear with regular Fleshlights that there might be a nook of gunk hanging out somewhere.

The sleeve (the inner soft part that actually wraps around your penis) can be inverted without damaging it so it’s simple to flip inside out to wash and pat dry. The case itself is hard plastic so, again, it’s simple to wash.

When you’re finished, you just give it a quick rinse and put it away. Voila. Yes, the Quickshot still needs to dry, but because of it’s small size, you can easily just put it in a drawer with one end open and it’ll dry in a few hours.

Girl holding fleshlight boost vantage on her middle finger

Great with Partners

If you like to use your sex toys with your partner, she (or he) will love giving hand jobs because they’ll love the pleasure it gives you. Let’s face it, regular hand jobs are boring. The Quickshot makes them fun again!

Also, does your partner struggle with coordinating hand and mouth movement when performing oral sex on you? The Fleshlight Quickshot is amazing when used during oral sex. It’s cum city for sure!

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage with girl sucking

Doesn’t Overstimulate

Sometimes when I’m getting oral or having sex, or even using a regular Fleshlight, if I go too fast too soon, the head of my penis gets a little overstimulated. The Quickshot is a great toy for me because when this happens, I can focus on just the shaft of my penis.

girl holding Fleshlight quickshot boost

Can be Tagged in When Using Regular Fleshlights

If you prefer the feeling of a full sized Fleshlight but don’t want to empty yourself into the Fleshlight itself, swap out to a Quickshot when you’re getting close and you can cum anywhere you’d like!

Or the opposite. If you want a slow burn to the finish line, use the Quickshot as you’re mounting excitement and then you can finish inside a full sized Fleshlight for a most-realistic feeling!

Fleshlight Quickshot Options

There are three different options when choosing a Fleshlight Quickshot:

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

The Quickshot Boost is the black and original version.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

The Quickshot Vantage is the clear, or “ice” version. This is probably the most popular Quickshot for several reasons:

  • most men enjoy seeing their own penis through the clear material.
  • The texture is a little bit more interesting and realistic than the Boost, and;
  • women seem to love it the most, due to the clear material.

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Gold

fleshlight quickshot boost gold texture

You can see that the Quickshot Boost Gold texture is the same as the Black Boost. The only difference is the color.

All of the Fleshlight Quickshots are non-anatomical. In other words, they don’t look like vaginas, mouths, or anuses. This is great if you’re not really into the fantasizing aspect of masturbating with a sex toy.

I mean, unless your fantasy is fucking robots… then you’re in for a treat!

Where does the Quickshot Fall Short?Fleshlight Quickshot boost gold with girl

The Quickshot is great. It’s perfect for those quick wanks that don’t have any planning involved.

Is is perfect? No, definitely not.

It can be messy. We take for granted that the regular Fleshlights are containing all of our mess. There’s lube and semen and god knows what else and that all ends up inside the Fleshlight. With the Quickshot, that kind of spills out over the edges over the case and even on your hand. Granted, it’s easy to wash off, but don’t expect this to be a divine clean and holy jerk off.

There is no suction. One of the reasons why the Fleshlight is so popular is because of that end cap. It provides some suction on your penis and it feels fucking fantastic. The Quickshot lacks this. I’m not saying that the sensation that the Quickshot gives is bad, it’s just quite different from a full sized Fleshlight and not as intense.

Lastly, if you’re on the smaller end of the penis spectrum, there won’t be a TON of play for moving it along your shaft. It might not function well as an oral sex aide if there’s less than an inch of your tip sticking out the top. It’s still a good options for the other reasons I listed, but just pay attention to the insertable length of 3.5″.

Fleshlight Quickshot In Summary

fleshlight quickshot boost on vibratorSo the Quickshot is great if you’re looking for a low maintenance toy. It’s also fantastic as a partner toy for oral or manual sex. Be sure to get the Vantage (clear) if you’re buying it for partner play because it will certainly drive them wild to see your cock getting stroked.

The Quickshot is also excellent as a foreplay toy for slow burn buildups. If you’re looking at practicing prolonging your sexual stamina, this is a great way to tease yourself towards the finish line. Likewise, you can choose to avoid sensitive parts of your penis while you’re masturbating in order to avoid overstimulation.

While cleanup is a breeze, the experience itself can get messy with a little bit of lube and semen spillover. You’ll also notice that the Quickshot feels quite different than the Fleshlight Classic or other full sized options. Finally, if your penis is under 4.5″ erect, it will still work well for you as a masturbator, but you might want to consider a different toy for partner play.

To purchase, see pricing and read more reviews, visit Fleshlight.com